By Candace Boggan

Divine Appointments…

What exactly are divine appointments? Per, divine means relating to God or extremely good, and the word appointment by definition means a meeting at a set time. Therefore, if we put the two together, we can safely assume that divine appointments are “set time meetings orchestrated by God.”

Why are these appointments so important? They allow us to play a major part in the activity of God, so we should always  be paying attention, with the expectation of joining His divine Hand. I believe we interact with everyone that we come in contact with for a reason. It may not be the exact reason first assumed when we connect, because there is often a deeper purpose. It could be that we have something that the other person needs to hear, learn or have use of. It could also be that they have something we need, can learn, or make use of. In many cases, there is an exchange of ideas and reasons involved in the equation. These meetings are so important for our spiritual growth, and should not be overlooked or even taken lightly. We get an opportunity to participate in the Creator’s plan. How awesome is that??? Additionally, they help to increase our faith, we get to enjoy God’s favor, and we ultimately blossom as a result. It’s always about growth, even over comfort in many instances.

So think about it. When was the last time you had a divine appointment? How did you handle it? What will you do the next time one surfaces?

Let’s make sure our eyes are wide open, and that we are listening with attentive ears! Until next, watch for God’s activity, and join in.


Unexplained upgrade to classic plus ticket….enabled me to switch my flight to a different day at no cost- I had a divine appointment that delayed me.


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